So Others May Eat, Inc.

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SOME's Mission                                            

So Others May Eat is a not for profit agency a 501(C)(3) in the State Of California that provides food and advocacy for the  homeless and disabled in the coastal communities in the county of San Diego.  Our goal is to help the homeless obtain housing and other services with dignity and respect. 
We are dedicated to providing meals, services and advocating for the homeless.

We are thankful to be the proud recipients to the LAS PATRONAS Grant.
Community Dinner Dates

Mary Star Of The Sea - La Jolla

-February 18, 2014
-March 4, 2014
-March 18. 2014
-April 1, 2014
-April 15, 2014
-April 29, 2014

Sacred Heart Ocean Beach 

-February 11, 2014
-February 25, 2014
-March 11, 2014
-March 25, 2014
-April 8, 2014
-April 22, 2014

So Others May Eat, Inc., aka SOME
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